March 2, 2007

Are you AWARE?

My God it's been weeks since my last post. Let me make it up to you: I bring you the best of Grey's Anatomy. McSteamy in action. Granted he is kinda skanky, but look at him: EYE. CANDY.

So last night I watched two episodes of Grey's, among which Wishing and Hoping: Meredith's mother - who has been suffering from Alzheimer's for years -regains full consciousness. Yup she is her own bitchy self again: once she realizes that her daughter is not living up to her expectations she goes nuts. Metaphorically and then for real.
Is that even possible? Can patients with Alzheimer's really recover and be aware for a few hours, out of the blue? I am not a doctor but I have been around people with dementia and one of the first thing you learn is that there is no going back. You can slow the process down but it can only get worse. So while I was watching Meredith torture helself all I could hear was the sweet sound of writers-trying-too-hard.

February 9, 2007

D**k in a Box is my Number One Song

For those of you who are familiar with Saturday Night Live's D**k i a Box skit - or should I say hit - I have some good news: it's back. Justin Timberlake and SNL's Andy Samberg performed the song live at the Madison Square Garden. Now I wanted to post a video clip cuz it's probably the funniest R'n'B parody I have seen in years, but my computer is being a bitch and won't let be add it. Let me see what I can do, in the meantime go ckeck it out on youtube, okay? You won't regret it.

February 3, 2007

A Pile of Went

So I am home on a Saturday night, which can only mean one thing: my booty call fell through ;) That's okay cuz the guy I am seeing had the nerve to say that Prison Break's Wentworth Miller wouldn't look as hot if I were to see him walking down the street:
- You think he is hot because he is on tv. You wouldn't notice him otherwise, I mean, he is not that good looking.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah, he is okay, but... I can't say he is cuter than me.
....uncomfortable silence....

That was an interesting moment.

Speaking of Wentworth... guess what I found in London's Tate Modern Gallery. Cuz yeah, besides TV shows and celebrity gossips I actually like cultural activities :0
I paid a visit to Tate and as I was making my way from one exhibition to the next, something in the gift shop caught my attention:
WENTWORTH... piled up. Bold characters spelling the hotness' name over and over again.
At first I took it as a sign. Yes my brothers and sisters, a sign from God telling me where to look for him. I mean, come on... WENTWORTH was on display. So I entered the store and got closer to WENTWORTH - just typing these last four words makes me drool. I grabed WENTWORTH with my bare hands -hehe I couldn't help it - eager to unwrap the mystery. And I did: I was holding a set of shelves called Wentworth.

How odd is that? It was so weird it made my day

January 16, 2007

Tonight's Date

I have a date tonight. A date with a plastic surgeon *beaming with pride*. No, not an appointment, a DATE.
His name is Sean, he is very sweet. He is married, though... no, I am not a slut!!!! Wow, I didn't know you guys could be so judmental. My sexy Doctor is clearly having issues with his pregnant ex/future wife. You see, she is now too big for them to have enjoyable sex. Plus she just told him the baby suffered from Lobster claw syndrome. Yeah that can't help the sex.

You know what? You are right... hooking up with a guy whose spouse has a baby on board can't be good. Okay, okay, I won't be pulling a Britney. I'll hit on his partner instead. Goodbye Dr McNamara, Hello Dr Troy!
Now Christian Troy is a real catch: first of all he is single, and a doctor. And a hot one! He can afford expensive and tacky stuff. I wonder about his pad sometimes... it is a little over the top. Like black satin sheets... gimme a break! But I can live with that. His confidence is a real turn on, but unfortunately for him -or should I say for me?- it seems to mainly turn on crazy bitches. Do you want some dirt? I'll give you some dirt: He slept with a chick AND her teenage daughter! On the same night. In the same room. Yeah that's healthy.

Oh wait. I heard Christian might be gay. Rumor has it that he has the hots for Sean. Now that's too bad cuz I totally have a chance... no really.... I am serious.... okay I'll drop the act. No date for me tonight... just the new season of Nip/Tuck ;)

Image Source: Warner Bros/M6

January 6, 2007

Scrubs: An Epiphany

I finally got over the holidays - the food, the booze, the not-getting-enough-sleep - and guess what the Wise Men brought me? A new TV addiction: Scrubs. A show that has been on the air for six seasons... wow I feel like a real pioneer ;)
For those of you who may be unfamiliar with it, Scrubs follows the life of young doctor John Dorian in what has to be one of the most surreal hospitals you'll ever see. In short, it's ER meets Ally Mcbeal.
Encouraged by some good friends - and let me tell you something about this crowd... they are HARD TO PLEASE - I watched an episode yesterday, followed by a bunch of clips and that was it... I was hooked. Zach Braff has a lot to do with it, he is truly hilarious. Despite its over-the-top previews, Scrubs is definitely more than a goofy show... there is tension, and chemistry, and heartache. I LIKE IT.

For all the TV freaks out there here are the obvious references:
- Grey's Anatomy. The hospital, the...well, scrubs, the patients, the relationships... you name it. Now wait a minute: Scrubs was there first, I know! So Grey's is the rip-off, especially for the monologues. Since it's drama the show's take on hospital life is obviously different, however I find Scrubs to be more endearing.
- Ally Mcbeal. The dreaming on screen, the unappropriate hook-ups in the workplace... I missed the craziness. THANK YOU SCRUBS, thank you ...* tearing up*...
- Family guy. The wacky moments, the dirty humor, it's all there!

I gotta stop the youtube frenzy and buy the DVDs... I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the show - and if that doesn't turn you into a fan I don't know what will -

"This moment is so good I wanna have sex with it"

... I have FIVE seasons to go, oh the magic!

December 25, 2006

Joy to the World

This is my first post... and on Xmas Day, no less! After spending several weeks in the shadows -I'd be checking a few blogs on a daily basis, laughing my ass off - I have decided to make my own contribution to the blogosphere. You got it... I shall Lurk No More!
My interests are endless but here I'll be focusing on the good stuff: TV shows, celebrity train wrecks, movie reviews...
I hope you guys stop by often. That's it for now, I gotta go figure out who I would do first: Dr McDreamy or Dr McSteamy?