February 3, 2007

A Pile of Went

So I am home on a Saturday night, which can only mean one thing: my booty call fell through ;) That's okay cuz the guy I am seeing had the nerve to say that Prison Break's Wentworth Miller wouldn't look as hot if I were to see him walking down the street:
- You think he is hot because he is on tv. You wouldn't notice him otherwise, I mean, he is not that good looking.
- Excuse me?
- Yeah, he is okay, but... I can't say he is cuter than me.
....uncomfortable silence....

That was an interesting moment.

Speaking of Wentworth... guess what I found in London's Tate Modern Gallery. Cuz yeah, besides TV shows and celebrity gossips I actually like cultural activities :0
I paid a visit to Tate and as I was making my way from one exhibition to the next, something in the gift shop caught my attention:
WENTWORTH... piled up. Bold characters spelling the hotness' name over and over again.
At first I took it as a sign. Yes my brothers and sisters, a sign from God telling me where to look for him. I mean, come on... WENTWORTH was on display. So I entered the store and got closer to WENTWORTH - just typing these last four words makes me drool. I grabed WENTWORTH with my bare hands -hehe I couldn't help it - eager to unwrap the mystery. And I did: I was holding a set of shelves called Wentworth.

How odd is that? It was so weird it made my day

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