March 2, 2007

Are you AWARE?

My God it's been weeks since my last post. Let me make it up to you: I bring you the best of Grey's Anatomy. McSteamy in action. Granted he is kinda skanky, but look at him: EYE. CANDY.

So last night I watched two episodes of Grey's, among which Wishing and Hoping: Meredith's mother - who has been suffering from Alzheimer's for years -regains full consciousness. Yup she is her own bitchy self again: once she realizes that her daughter is not living up to her expectations she goes nuts. Metaphorically and then for real.
Is that even possible? Can patients with Alzheimer's really recover and be aware for a few hours, out of the blue? I am not a doctor but I have been around people with dementia and one of the first thing you learn is that there is no going back. You can slow the process down but it can only get worse. So while I was watching Meredith torture helself all I could hear was the sweet sound of writers-trying-too-hard.


jime_2306 said...

heyy ln!!! i just want to ask. do u know how u meet people? i mean.. i write something.. and who can people know about it?... well.. if u can help me with this.. im new.. thks.. paz..peace!

Terrible lie said...

writers block or what???